Independent Oil & Gas Assets

IOG was established in February 2011 and owns all of its licence interests 100%.  IOG’s gas portfolio comprises the Blythe, Elgood, Nailsworth, Elland and Southwark gas fields in the Southern North Sea, with 2P reserves justified for development of 303bcf in total and the Harvey appraisal opportunity (Best Estimate Prospective Resources of 114bcf).  IOG also owns 100% the Thames Pipeline which it is planning to use to export its gas to the UK gas market.  In the recent 30th UKCS Licensing Round IOG was awarded the Goddard and Abbeydale discoveries which management estimates to comprise a further 200bcf of Prospective Resources. Further details can be found on each Asset page.

Blythe Vulcan Satellites Thames Pipeline Harvey Abbeydale Goddard Elgood